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I wanted to thank you for all your insight. And your accurateness was incredible, it took my breath away. Actually, I just cried after the consultation. There wasn’t anything that was said that I didn’t feel in my heart to be true. You truly are an angel on earth. With your help, I firmly believe that my love life is on its way to being back on track.

Many Blessings to you, Ann…
Mel B.

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One Response to “Incredible!”
  1. Angela says:

    I’ve always been a spiritual person and am always aware of signs around me. I actually met Angela “by chance” while I was on vacation and am constantly amazed at her ability to read me spiritually. I feel that we are connected spiritually and that God brought her into my life to bring me to an awakening. I was raised in a very religious home yet always felt there was more outside of my religion, a spiritual realm that many people- even religious/dogmatic people- can’t enter. Angela has the spiritual gift of healing and guiding and I’m now a firm believer that God works in mysterious ways to bring us the people that we need. I’m grateful to Angela for clarifying a lot of things for me and my family and will forever be in awe of God’s amazing and mysterious ways of carrying out his work. Thank you Angela for your gracious presence and I will look forward to connecting with you again.

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