Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are done by appointment, in person or by phone. With this reading I will be able to tell you in detail names, dates, and places of people, time and events from past, present and future that have had a powerful influence over your life, or will have a strong and powerful influence over your life in the future to come.

During this reading, I see visions and hear from spirit guides. My gift of intuition communicate with me to tell me all about you and the ones around you that have significant meaning in your life.

Through this reading, many have experienced overwhelming information that has changed their lives – for the better. If the universe has more than one message to tell you, I will be able to convey that message to you to reveal the truths about yourself, those around you, a specific person, or a particular area in your life. Sometimes, you think that you may be looking for one thing, but you may find a lot more than what you’ve ever imagined.

All my readings are done with sensitivity, as I realize that I’m dealing with people with real feelings, just like myself. I’m very caring, patient, and non-judgmental. All readings are private and confidential. If you’d like to book this reading, I will instruct you on how you must prepare in order to open the line of communication. This reading is more personal.

Psychic Readings

Please contact me after your purchase has been completed to start your reading.

Keep in mind I personally do all readings and you will be speaking exclusively & privately with me only. If I am not available to answer at the time you call, please leave a message with your name, contact information and the reading you have chosen. I will then return your call as soon as I am available and begin your reading.

I have devoted my life to helping and sharing my powerful spiritual gift with people that are seeking answers, your peace of mind is closer than you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

Callers within the United States: please call me at 1-818-808-3200.
Callers outside of the United States: please visit the contact page.
Please see my prices page for booking and pricing details.