Career Readings

Are you questioning whether you are on the right career path? I will help you make better choices and answer any questions you have.

There is stress in everyone’s work, and there are always going to be job-related problems. But are these problems consistent? Is this stress making you become a darker person? Is your career taking away your life and making you careless to be around other people? Then maybe it’s not just your casual doubt regarding your job. Everyone is born with a path to success. Their path contains different jobs which suits them the best as an individual. Maybe you’re on the wrong path, which is why work has become such a huge problem for you in your life. Don’t make the wrong decisions; a Career Reading will give you the knowledge and information you need to put you back on the right career path.

I also often have people who seek answers about their education – whether they should continue with their schooling (if they are currently attending school), whether they should go back to school if it’ll be worth their while, or whether they should change their career path. My readings can also help to answer these questions and more.

Career Readings

Please contact me after your purchase has been completed to start your reading.

Keep in mind I personally do all readings and you will be speaking exclusively & privately with me only. If I am not available to answer at the time you call, please leave a message with your name, contact information and the reading you have chosen. I will then return your call as soon as I am available and begin your reading.

I have devoted my life to helping and sharing my powerful spiritual gift with people that are seeking answers, your peace of mind is closer than you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

Callers within the United States: please call me at 1-818-808-3200.
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