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Love Astrology Readings – Learn more about the one you love and their sign as well as your own. Below is a sample is what an Astrology Reading can tell you.

Positive: Studious, witty, well-spoken, discreet, charming, eye for detail, hardworking, conscientious and thorough. Judicious.
Negative: Shrewd, fastidious, critically inclined, unsophisticated, indecisive, unstable, fickle-minded, frequently melancholic. Worries alot.
Sexuality: Keeps tight control over own emotions. With the right partner loyal and affectionate.
Health: Abdomen, intestines, spleen, diaphragm.
Career: Incisive style, good teacher.

Positive: Self-discipline, tenacious, passionate, sensitive, constructive, loyal friends, intuitive & analytical. Rational and honest.
Negative: Quick to anger, impatient, rigid, unloving, intolerant, secretive, abrupt, unforgiving. Tends towards extremism, brooding, brutal, arrogant, volatile.
Sexuality: Strong sex drive, passionate, physical. Sensual and energetic. Can be obsessive and jealous.
Health: Groin, urethra, reproductive system.
Career: Need emotional involvement.

Positive: Honourable, trustworthy, honest, generous, sincere, justified, active, bold, interpid, loyal, independent, modest, religious, moral.
Negative: Quick to anger, impatient, rigid, unloving, intolerant, loves ritual more than truth, outspoken, domineering, frivolous.
Sexuality: Sets great value on personal freedom. Sincere and straightforward. Lacks jealousy and possessiveness.
Health: Hips, thighs, rheumatism.
Career: Likes a challenge.

Positive: Honest, self-critical, economical, fair, logical, rational, clear-headed, acute mind.
Negative: Slow, stubborn, unyielding, tough, lust for power, changeabe, melacholy, hidden mercurial temperament, depressive.
Sexuality: Demanding of respect and admiration. Can be loyal and reliable partners. Affectionate but not passionate.
Health: Knees, bones, skin disease.
Career: Self-made, autodidactic.

Positive: Unprejudiced, tolerant, frank, genial, refined, ethereal, idealisitic, practical, quick, active, imaginative, moderate, concise, logical, reasonable, intuitive.
Negative: Sometimes perceived as cold, unforgiving, fanatical, eccentricity, excessive, detachment.
Sexuality: Happy to live alone. Way of permanent relationships. Tenacious lovers. Faithful, providing personal freedom is not restricted.
Health: Legs, ankles.
Career: Needs to express inventiveness.

Positive: Sympathetic, gentle, patient, friendly, good-natured, sensitive, amiable.
Negative: Unreliable, idle, careless, impractical, ineffective, peevish, intellectually dishonest.
Sexuality: Loving, shy, submissive. Anxious to please partner. Romantic, loyal. Never egotistical. Sexually delicate.
Health: Feet, toes, liver, lymph system.
Career: Caring professions.

This was just a sample and small taste of what an astrology reading is like. An astrology reading goes more in-depth about your personal sign. If your sign was not listed here (or was) and you’d like to learn more, call to request an Astrology reading.

As always, all my readings are done with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Astrology Readings

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I have devoted my life to helping and sharing my powerful spiritual gift with people that are seeking answers, your peace of mind is closer than you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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