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Astrology readings are done based on birthdate. They are more general, as there are others out there with your same birthdate. Astrology charts are more personalized to each client and can reveal quite a bit about a one’s personality.

Below is a sample of what an astrology reading can reveal:

Positive: Unprejudiced, tolerant, frank, genial, refined, ethereal, idealisitic, practical, quick, active, imaginative, moderate, concise, logical, reasonable, intuitive.
Negative: Sometimes perceived as cold, unforgiving, fanatical, eccentricity, excessive, detachment.
Sexuality: Happy to live alone. Way of permanent relationships. Tenacious lovers. Faithful, providing personal freedom is not restricted.
Health: Legs, ankles.
Career: Needs to express inventiveness.

Positive: Sympathetic, gentle, patient, friendly, good-natured, sensitive, amiable.
Negative: Unreliable, idle, careless, impractical, ineffective, peevish, intellectually dishonest.
Sexuality: Loving, shy, submissive. Anxious to please partner. Romantic, loyal. Never egotistical. Sexually delicate.
Health: Feet, toes, liver, lymph system.
Career: Caring professions.

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Callers within the United States: please call me at 1-818-808-3200.
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3 Responses to “Astrology Reading”
  1. Nina says:

    Ann Is totally amazing, and told me what to expect in the future. She is helping me make my dreams come true, and I am looking forward to all she will be doing for me. She went over and above my expectations, and is so caring. I will continue to deal with her. Thanks

  2. Nikola says:

    There been going prombles between me and my boyfriend and family .
    So i have a feeling like my boyfriend been see other girls and talking to them . He thnik i do thing with other guy but thats not true he donest get it . And 2th promble it my mom and dad have a promble that im going out with him there kicking me out of the house calling me name . Can you plese help me i dont no what to do

  3. does the person im in love with love me back?

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