To book a reading, please purchase the service you are most interested in below, then contact me via email or phone, and we’ll get you scheduled. Paypal is currently the only method of payment. Please note that even if you are not a prospective local client, I will still be able to give you readings via phone or email. It is not necessary to meet with me in-person for a psychic reading (although I would love to meet with every client at some point during the engagement of my services).

I am able to connect with the energy of my client from anywhere in the world and give very accurate readings and advice on the specifics of the problem at hand. This is why I have clients literally all over the world, not just locally. The phone and the internet gives me the flexibility to be in contact with my clients anywhere in the world at any time outside of the normal business hours. Often times, I conduct readings at very late hours of the evening due to differences in time zones or work schedules.

In addition to readings, I also offer other psychic services to help in your love or family relationships, career, or any other areas of life. If you are interested in psychic or spiritual services outside of those listed on this site, please feel free to contact me to inquire about other services. Prices may vary.

All readings are $110 USD per hour or $75 USD per 1/2 hour session. Below are the types of readings available. Please, serious inquiries only. I guarantee results!

Astrology Readings Money/Business Readings
Love Life Readings Tarot Card Readings
Career Readings Dream Readings
Psychic Readings Family Readings
Genetic Negativity Readings Emotion Readings

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For questions on any of these readings:
Callers within the United States: please call me at 1-818-808-3200.
Callers outside of the United States: please visit the contact page.