It’s only natural that people seem curious about psychics, and how their readings can help. That’s why I don’t mind when people e-mail me to ask me questions before purchasing a reading. However, it’s overwhelming to receive emails/calls with people asking the same questions over and over again.


So if you have any questions about purchasing a reading, please read this page first. Your question may have already been answered by me.

“How do I get a reading?”

Simple. You can read about different types of readings on the site(psychic readings, love readings, career readings, ect.) and then decide on one. Once decided, visit the Prices page and purchase your reading. From there, you can either email or text me your full name, D.O.B and type of reading you’ve purchased. Then I will follow up with you as soon as humanly possible.


“What information is required from me for reading?”

Your full name, .DO.B, type of reading you’ve purchased and when you purchased it.


“How do I pay for a reading?”

It’s simple:  Visit the Prices page, and on there is all the information you need to get started.


“How much are your readings?”

My prices are listed on the Prices page.


“Do you answer free questions?”

I do not answer free questions. Just answering even one question takes a lot of my time and energy. And although I’d like to help, I’ve been taken advantage of this way many times before, and so therefore, do not answer free questions. Please do not email, call or comment on my blog asking for free questions!

If you have any other questions(such as about payment method or types of readings), please email me if it has not already been answered here.


“How long are your sessions?”

Usually about 40-60 minutes. It also depends on the reading you’ve purchased.


“I’ve paid for my reading. How long until the session begins?”

I unfortunately cannot get back to everyone all at once, especially because I must put in time to open up your chart. It may take a day just to get back to you to schedule the reading! Please be patient and do not rush me. I will eventually get back to you, and I promise you will not regret waiting.

“Are email readings accurate?”

Of course email readings are just as accurate as phone or in-person readings, or else I wouldn’t offer them. Some people feel more comfortable doing readings over email, but are afraid that the readings will not be as accurate. But don’t worry, they truly are! All methods are equal in accuracy — it’s just personal preference.


“Do you accept Credit?”

I currently do not accept credit.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my frequently asked questions. Hope it has helped!