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I wanted to thank you for all your insight. And your accurateness was incredible, it took my breath away. Actually, I just cried after the consultation. There wasn’t anything that was said that I didn’t feel in my heart to be true. You truly are an angel on earth. With your help, I firmly believe that my love life is on its way to being back on track.

Many Blessings to you, Ann…
Mel B.

I found Bliss!

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I met Ann through a friend. I never believed in psychics. But when she started telling me details about my love life, my childhood, my current fiasco at work – all of which were eerily true, I knew that she was the real thing. I was at a point where I had thrown up my hands and given up. She promised that she could help and she definitely did. She’s incredible.

For me, my happiness is having love in my life. Work, career, money, everything else didn’t matter. A year ago, I had met a man who I immediately fell for. Instant chemistry, instant connection. One of those things that you hear about. However, due to circumstances, he and I could not come together. Even though I was no longer in contact with this man, Ann knew about this man when she did a reading on me. When I brought in his picture, she confirmed that he was “the one” and that I would find happiness with this man for life. Although there would be other men in my future if he and I never came together, I would not find the kind of happiness that I would find with this man. Ann was able to explain to me exactly how he and other people in my life were feeling towards me. Through her readings, counseling, and her spiritual guidance, I was able to come together with this man. Ann was right – of course; I never dreamed that I could be this happy. He and I are now living together. I cannot wait to have children with this man.

Living my life with “the one” is the ultimate happiness (at least for me). Soulmates – I never knew this kind of thing existed until I met Ann. With her help, everything else fell into place as well. Work is going extremely well and my life at home with this man is pure bliss.

Ann is like an angel that came into my life to help me get back on track. Everyone should have someone like Ann to help guide them through life. I wish everyone could have Ann’s help, but I know she’s only one person. One VERY BUSY person. I joke with her that she needs to split into multiple people so that more people could be touched by her. For those select people who get a chance to receive Ann’s help, I consider them very lucky. I thank God everyday that He was able to bring Ann into my life.

Carry H.

She is a Godsend

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Ann basically changed my life. My first reading with Ann left me in tears as she knew exactly what I had been going through in love, career and life. She knew my past situation, my present, and what was to come. When I first met Ann, I had lost all hope of being together with the love of my life. Circumstances had left my love life and career in shambles, and I had basically given up on everything. Therapy was no help. Never did I dream that I would now be living my happily-ever-after with my soulmate.

With her help, he and I came together, sharing so many unforgettable moments. I am now living my dream with my soulmate. As soon as love fell into place, career and life began to follow. And I will forever be thankful that she came into my life and was able to help turn my life around. Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the help that she has given me. I will no doubt recommend her to anyone who is having problems in their relationships. She is a Godsend, and I’m convinced that she can fix any problems – big or small. She is amazing, and what she did for me is priceless.

Ann, thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me. I will forever be grateful.

– Haley

Karma, Spirits, Energy

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First of all, I would like to state my gratitude to Ann and spirits who helped me and who did the most of the work, which matters to me the most. I also have to thank God and Jesus Christ whom Ann strongly believes in, for their support.

Although Ann told me to write every spiritual experiences I had, I’d like to avoid to write about some people I hurt in details, because I feel guilty so much, I could still think negatively, and I’m afraid of the bad luck coming back to me.

Right now, I am very tired of living as a human and feel not quite happy about it. To the things I am going to write from now on, some exceptions may apply. Meaning, it’s not applicable for everyone.

With the knowledge I got from the glance of the Bible study book and some new age materials, it seems like we are not truly living our lives. In other words, we live under the control and influences, and many people are not truly aware of that. I guess Bible explains we belong to God and we live in accordance with his plan. Scientists revealed our emotion and decision are controlled by genes, etc.

Ann showed me that I was controlled by my karma and negativity, and there are many things that ordinary people can’t sense affect us, such as spirits and energy. It’s good to know things I didn’t know, and once I know new things I don’t want to go back to my old place. So, I don’t like humans’ limited perception and understanding, and the tendency. Limited perception with our first to fifth senses and limited sixth sense, limited understanding about physical and non physical world, and the tendency to be materialistic, selfish, greedy and evil, therefore we lose the connection with God. It might be the consequence of the story Adam and Eva ate forbidden apple, or it might be necessary in the reincarnation to learn our lessons and clarify our karma.

I have to admit, though it was very hard, correcting my mistake and the following experiences are very valuable and meaningful for me. Because, I have learned there is so much more in this world, and I have experienced so much negativity, such as selfishness, jealousy, distrust, destructiveness, grudge, etc. I agree with the idea the actual experiences are crucial for understanding. My only regret is I caused a lot of troubles and hurt many people. I tried to do my best to save those people, I had no other choice and it was my priority. I also wanted to make my unlucky life better as the consequence, but that came afterwards.

During this time, my trust to God has changed for some extent. In the beginning, I believed in God, and toward the end it turned into defiance and distrust to God. However, this belief hasn’t changed. In the difficult time, I surrendered and left things in God’s hands, and I thought, ‘If God decides to help me, I would be saved, but if he doesn’t, I have to accept that.’

Now I think God and Jesus Christ are worth believing in, because Ann, my savior believes in them. She recommended me to study Bible, and it would be the great guide for me. I wish God would help me completely, and grant the opportunities to help many people.

But…It’s a pity I have to look for God in every life.

I just wish— to restore the full abilities and knowledge my spirit has got, and not to continue the lives as a human, I’d like to find a way to get out of the reincarnation, and law of karma. It might require higher spiritual nature, and take a long long time, but it is the only hope for me. I wish I could bring joy, happiness, and spirituality to Yakov, too.

As Ann said, many things were kept unrevealed to me. I think she did so for her work, and because everything was not supposed to be revealed to us. I understand she is doing her best every day, and can’t call her clients so often. However, I’d like to suggest this for her, consistent explanation and contacting clients often would bring their trust to her and her work, and that would make her easy to do work and reduce the possible burden.

No one ever helped me like Ann did. She is an extraordinary, and the most reliable person I ever met. I wish I could give her back more than I got from her.

– Yuko


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I just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful reading that you gave me. I will always remember it and be forever impacted by your powerful words. You are a truly gifted and I am so grateful that our paths crossed. Everything that you stated filled my body with so much energy and clarity. You have helped me so much and I will keep coming back to you in the future for other readings. Thank you and God bless you.

Shannon M.

I am a believer…

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I never used to believe in psychics until I actually went to a reading with a friend who is a believer. I had been experiencing some problems with my family and didn’t know how to deal with the situation. Ann was able to get straight to the problem and tell me exactly what I should do in order to resolve the issue. I couldn’t believe she knew details about different members of my family that no one would knew. I am now a believer… Thank you.

Stan H.

Accurate reading!

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Hello Ann,

I cannot believe how accurate your reading was! You are truly a gifted soul. You made me feel comfortable from the first moment that we met, and gave me so much insight into my work situation to resolve the problems. I would recommend you to my friends and would be seeing you soon.

God Bless,


Thank you for your help!

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Thank you for such an insightful reading! I cried throughout the entire phone session. You were able to verbalize exactly how I was feeling and I no longer felt alone. I will see you again next week!

– Jamie J.